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Return to the Valley of the Yellow Baboon

I so enjoyed my first stint working as the doctor for the Luangwa Safari Association Medical Fund that I couldnít resist a reprise when the opportunity came up this year.  Iím still the lone American in the long line of volunteer doctors who have filled this position since it was created by the vision of Jo Pope at Robin Pope Safaris here in the Luangwa Valley in 1997. 

The Clinic

Once again, Iím the only doctor for miles around dividing my time between working with the nurses at the government-run Kakumbi Rural Health Center in the village of Mfuwe and providing urgent and emergent medical care for the staff and guests of the safari lodges in and around lovely South Luangwa National Park.  Just traveling to see my patients is often an adventure, and providing medical care in this remote under-equipped place remains quite challenging.

In such a small place, I remain ďDoc DianeĒ even in my time away from the clinic, but I still have plenty of time to delight in the wonder of living with the amazing animals of the national park whether itís monkeys trying to steal my toast at breakfast or an elephant jam in the road on my way to work.  The roar of a nearby lionís call in the night still sends chills up my spine, and Iím reminded to have a healthy respect for the danger of getting too close to a hippo. 

I hope my stories will give a sense of what living in Mfuwe is like and perhaps inspire you on to a few adventures of your own.

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