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Glaciers and Icebergs, Oh My!

A boat ride across Lago Pehoe, in front of the hotel, took us to a lovely valley and a hike along iceberg-filled Lago Grey to Grey Glacier, one of the "ends" of the world's third largest sheet of ice, the Southern Patagonia Ice cap.

Lago (lake in Spanish) Grey with icebergs along the hike to Grey Glacier.
Admiring the Grey Glacier and Southern Patagonia Ice field beyond -- what a view!
Lago Grey and Grey Glacier!
A lovely mountain stream along the way to Grey Glacier.  In the woods we saw a big black woodpecker with a bright red beak.
Fantastical icebergs in Lago Grey.
The surreal blues of the Grey Glacier.
Lance warming up to take a great photo.
Enjoying our boat trip back down Lago Grey after hiking eight miles up to the glacier.  I'm not sure those life jackets would have done much good if we'd fallen into that literally ice cold water.
Lance and Janet with me admiring the spectacle of Grey Glacier. 

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