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A Real Seat-of-the-pants Experience!

We had two exciting horseback rides across the pampas with honest to goodness gauchos and Patagonia horses.

Gaucho Bill with his trusty steed! There WAS a steed -- really!  Bill learned the first lesson for gauchos is to hold tightly to the reins!
Gauchess Diane on Chocolate!
Gaucho Lance surveying the pampas.
Diane and Bill riding across Patagonia
Janet, the real horsewoman, galloping back to the stable.
Enjoying the waterfall on our ride with the gauchos.
My what a view!!  Condors soaring overhead, guanacos calling across the hill and these spectacular mountains as a backdrop -- we couldn't believe we were really there!
Diane riding the range.
Riding into the sunset.

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