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The City at the End of the Earth!

We spent 3 days in charming Punta Arenas  which really grew on us.  It's a lovely approachable little city.  A line drawn around the world from there would touch no other land.  54 degrees South latitude!

Mini Me in front of the Braun/Nogueira mansion, our hotel home (Hotel Jose Nogueira) in charming Punta Arenas, "the city at the end of the world."  The lovely dining room had Neil Diamond playing at all hours -- very strange musical taste we thought.


The intrepid kayakers dry-suited for our too-brief adventure in the Straits of Magellan.  We had to quit after 20 minutes to keep from being blown to Tierra del Fuego by the 50-knot wind gusts.  On the beach, we sat on top of the kayaks to keep them from being blown away!
Looking across the colorful rooftops of Punta Arenas towards Tierra del Fuego.
Happy together in Punta Arenas. The blue strip of land in the far background is the "end of the earth" -- or at least the southernmost tip of continental South America.  Maybe you already know, but I learned that Tierra del Fuego and the famous Cabo Hornos (Cape Horn) are islands off the southern tip of South America.
Punta Arenas signpost to anywhere we might want to go -- except home to  Orcas Island which wasn't on the pole.
Penguins at the end of the rainbow!
A small condo in the Cemetario (cemetery) in Punta Arenas.  This one's for the Menendez family -- sort of the estancia (ranch) baron Rockefellers of Patagonia.  Impressive even in death.

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