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The Hotel
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Five Star Service -- Five Star Views!

The Explora, our home for a week in Torres del Paine, is a spectacularly situated, lovely, all-inclusive resort.  Even the food was 5 star delicious.  We shared our abode with Brits who regaled us with their opines about their monarchy and ours.  Our hikes were led by handsome, charming and bilingual Chilean college grads who were very knowledgeable about local wildlife and foreign hikers. The guides even carried our lunch -- very decadent!

The Explora (our hotel) from behind. The dining room is at the lower left.  Salto Chico (Small Falls) roar down to the left.
On the boardwalk in front of the hotel.  We arrived in low-hanging grey clouds completely obscuring the mountains and awoke the next day to this stunning view.  Pictures just don't do it justice.
The hotel dock and boat used to ferry us to some of our hikes.
The view from our room.

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